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Strong Voices Deliver Strong Changes

Toni Strong Pratt is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, bonus mother, and friend. She is also a home and business owner, advocate and community organizer who wakes up committed to being a voice for the voiceless. Toni stands on the frontline to fuel change for inclusion in Annapolis, the city where she was born and raised, the youngest child of Clarence and Martha Strong.


Toni has helped lead the fight in Annapolis for adequate housing, opioid recovery, public safety and educational equity. Toni has been part of launching initiatives to bring diverse communities together and build leaders in places where other elected officials have given up. Her voice is large - but the results of her organizing and advocating are bigger.


In 2017, Toni lost the Ward 4 election by 17 votes. As a result, Toni was even more determined to step up and work on some of the issues and solutions she had heard from Ward 4’s constituents. Since Toni has been an even more active and engaged leader:

  • Launched People Builders Consulting, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consulting business, with clients such as elected officials and area non-profits 

  • Created and facilitates a women’s leadership program, My Sister’s Keeper (MSK), which has so far graduated 27 women community leaders in just 4 months (and during the pandemic!) Read more about it!

  • Founding committee member for the Annapolis Naptown Anti-dope Move[meant]

  • As a founding member of ACT Anne Arundel Connecting Together, she:

    • Organized residents in Annapolis public and subsidized housing to fight for change to substandard living conditions

    • Was instrumental in ensuring Anne Arundel County’s Fair Housing law was passed

    • Demanded a safe, bus transportation route from the school board with a group of parents and local leaders so students did not have to continue walking down dangerous Forest Drive during rush hour

  • Member of the City of Annapolis’ Housing & Community Development Commission and the Affordable Housing Task Force

  • Instrumental in ensuring that Annapolis Safe Stations were available to residents with all substance abuse disorders

  • Graduated from Leadership Anne Arundel Neighborhood Academy

  • Commissioner on Anne Arundel County’s Human Relations Commission

  • Member of the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee


Toni Strong Pratt is driven to tackle barriers and strategize for solutions in Annapolis’ systems and communities WITH THE PEOPLE at the table — especially those that are most affected! Come along and Let's Create Change Together!

Toni's bio is her daily work
Toni's bio is her daily work

Toni's bio is her daily work

Co-chaired ACT Launch
Co-chaired ACT Launch

October, 2018, Capital Gazette

Connecting communities across Annapolis
Connecting communities across Annapolis

Toni's bio is her daily work
Toni's bio is her daily work

Toni's bio is her daily work


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