"Let’s be real, Ward 4. Money, race, religion have us living in separated communities and rarely even talking together. But, I know, we are more alike than different. As I listen to residents across the ward, I hear connection - everyone wants Annapolis to be safe, healthy and affordable for their family. Real unity can be attained by recognizing that all issues intersect and affect all communities."
Affordable and Accessible Housing

As Annapolis continues to squeeze in the development of new houses or commercial buildings, what if the city thought less about the taxes and fees and more about developing plans with the developer that benefit the whole community?

Smart development means the entire community is benefitting from: 

  • Job and trade skill development opportunities

  • Affordable units are included in every new community which makes home buying accessible for more people

  • For every dwelling or business building, there is an investment into green and community spaces 

Pathways to homeownership in Annapolis are so important but continue to decrease. Toni grew up in public housing where her parents worked to show the family steps to creating a stable home. As a proud homeowner now, Toni knows firsthand what the steps look like for the residents currently in public or subsidized housing. She is committed to developing long-term strategies that can provide homeownership for more families that do not include relocation to outer areas in the County.



Public Safety

Every resident of Ward 4 wants to be safe. But when unemployment, drugs, and gun violence are impacting a neighborhood, that whole community’s safety is at risk. Instead of investing in the police and prison - the end product of these problems - let’s focus on the proactive solutions so EVERYONE will be safer:

  • Opioid addiction affects families from all walks of life - rather than punishing addicts - providing behavioral health support can set a person on the right path and not criminalization

  • Leadership development, skills building, and job training keeps people off the street and invest in their families and communities.

Environmental Justice

  • Forest preservation is key to breathing clean air for all in Annapolis

  • Flood mitigation plans also should also include mold prevention in housing - especially to ensure that those in underserved communities are protected and their homes are mold-free - this is what environmental justice looks like.